Gillette Mach 3 Manual Shaving Razor For Men

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CATEGORIES : Personal Care,Men's Care,Shaving Razors, Blades & Trimmers
Gillette Mach 3 Manual Shaving Razor For Men

  • Brand: Gillette
  • Product Size: Includes 1 Shaving Razor
  • Product Type: Shaving Razor Blade
About The Product
  • The MACH3 blades are spring mounted to adjust to different levels of shaving pressure and skin variations.
  • The MACH3 handle is ergonomically designed to provide a secure grip, even in wet conditions.
  • The lubrastrip delivers water soluble lubricants to the skin to improve glide. It also fades to white when you are no longer getting an optimal shave.
  • The skin guard is comprised of soft microfins to help stretch the skin ahead of the first blade.

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