Weikfield Strawberry Flavor Jelly Crystals, 90gm

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Weikfield Strawberry Flavor Jelly Crystals, 90gm

  • Brand : Weikfield
  • Product size : 90gm
About the product
  • While most jellies contain gelatin, an animal derivative, Weikfield has pioneered a totally vegetarian formulation by using plant extracts. 
  • In addition to being available in an unusual range of lip smacking flavors, Weikfield jellies set easily at room temperature and no refrigeration is required. 
  • This delicious ready in a snap dessert.
This jelly is a vegetarian product that does not make use of animal processed gelatine. This pack of jelly crystals contains sugar, edible gum, potassium citrate, fumaric acid, carrageenan as well as permitted flavours and preservatives.

How to Use
Making this quick and easy dessert is a matter of mixing the contents in boiled water. You can then let it set before freezing it. The smooth textured strawberry jelly that you will get can be cut into cubes and used in various desserts. You can even set the jelly in unique moulds.

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